4 Truths about Spy Cameras

Hidden Spy cameras are not a new invention but they are becoming more common now. Where previously only police and intelligence would have access to spy cameras now anyone can purchase a spy camera for security or for any other purpose. Spy cameras are divided into different categories, you can have a spy camera for your home surveillance, you can have it as a pen to record anything you want to, you can have it in your office to prevent any security issues, or you can have it to serve any purpose you want. However, the question is how spy cameras became so popular and why are people so keen on using them, well if you are interested in finding out some interesting facts and truths about spy cameras please read below:

Not all cameras are the same:

Although this shouldn’t be a rocket science to figure out, there is a common misconception that all spy cameras will serve the same purpose. However, the truth is not all spy cameras are the same, therefore not all of them will serve the same purpose. A nanny cam would serve a different purpose than a surveillance cam in the office. A camera you might need to secure your house might need to be different than the camera you are using in your office. A camera police is using would be different from the camera you are using. Therefore, when you’re choosing a spy camera you need to keep this in mind and choose accordingly.


You might be under the impression that you can view all recordings on your camera. But when choosing a spy camera, you will need to check beforehand whether the camera has inbuilt video storage or if you will need to connect it to a PC to see the video. For example, there are different types of wifi cameras, some of which will be phone enabled and you will be able to even view the videos on your phone but some of the cameras will need to be connected to a PC to view the recording.

Hidden Cameras:

Hidden cameras are popular but now the forms hidden cameras are coming in are not detectable. For example, you could have a hidden spy camera pen or spy glasses. For intelligence purposes, agencies mostly use hidden glasses cameras which enable them to record videos without showing that they are wearing a camera. You can even purchase spy button cameras and wear the cameras without anyone being able to detect them.

Fashion and Style:

The truth is we might only believe that spy camera can only be used for security, but spy cameras do not have to be non-fashionable. You can purchase wearable spy cameras which will not compromise your fashion sense but will also help you effectively spy.

Spy cameras have been around one way or another for a long time but now the spy camera technology has evolved greatly and you can even record 3D videos through spy cameras.