What to Do When your Wireless Spy Cams Fail

You might be beaming with pride because you have successfully installed your wireless spy cams. But remember that in time, you will experience technical issues with the equipment that you have. Before you call a professional to take care of the problem, do some troubleshooting on your own. Here are a few ways to fix the bugs in your spy cam.


Always Keep the Product Manual:

It is always a good practice to keep the product manuals of your electronic gizmos after you have taken them out of the box. In fact, some would even recommend that manuals should be read before making any attempts to install or use the product. You see, product manuals contain basic troubleshooting procedures to guide when your device breaks down. Wireless spy cams are very sensitive pieces of equipment, so learn the habit of keeping product manuals so that you can refer to it when your cameras need fixing. Some products also have websites which you can visit for support. Take note of these URLs or web addresses so that you would know what page to go in case you lost the product manual.


Change Your Camera's Field Of Vision:

Sometimes, reception issues can be fixed by changing the camera's position. A camera might be mounted on an area where there is less light. Moving it to an adequately bright area will certainly improve your footage. Your camera might not be able to record sound well enough because it is an area with lots of background noise. Transferring the camera to some place quiet will really make it sensitive to even the tiniest of noises.


Do Some Wiring Work:

When one of your wireless spy cams malfunctions, it would be a good idea to check if there are any problems in wiring such as loose contacts and short circuits. If you still have the product manual of your cameras, you can use the wiring diagrams for your troubleshooting. Be sure to put off the power supply before you do any tinkering to avoid getting shocked. You can also visit the manufacturer's website and download the diagrams there.


Do Some Tweaking:

If your wireless spy cams have no problems in terms of hardware and wiring, you are probably dealing with a software problem. Return all the camera and software settings into default and hope that the problem would be solved. When all else fails, re-install the software. Now, it is possible that your spy cameras might experience router problems. If and when this happens, look for the reset button of your router to restore everything back to its factory settings.

If the problem still persists after doing all the necessary checks, it is time to call a professional for help. If your wireless spy cams have 24/7 technical support, call and talk to service agents for further assistance. Service agents will dictate carefully laid-out procedures to fix any technical issue. Be patient and intently follow their instructions. Do what you need to do in order to fix your equipment.