Although spy cams are chiefly used to detect robbery or similar activities, when people mount their spy cameras on their office's main gates or in porches of their houses; but with time there has been discovered many great purposes to use spy cameras for. It wasn't too late until the realization that robbery or stealing is not the only 'event' that needs to be caught. Certain other things take place which if recorded, could be feasible evidence in the footage.
However, it's to be noticed that the spy cameras can't be by our side all along; and it's not only on the outside of a building where events that are worth recording happen. For that, technology has been advanced enough to have introduced the most portable spy pen cameras.


Spy pen cameras are literally a pen and a digital camera combined. You just have to tap on the button and since it has an audio recorder along with a video recorder; it would start collecting both for you. The one-button operation makes this low-key device a very cool and portable option to be. The size of the pen camera doesn't parallel the quality of the picture. The camera can be smaller in size but with nice picture quality. Also, along with the recording, you can use this spy camera to take pictures too!


At your interview

Often we have a curiosity about how we acted while giving an interview. If you really want to cure that and to become the best figure for any upcoming interviews as well; a spy pen camera should be your friend! You can just keep it in your pocket and it will bring you desired footage!

Watch your child

When you leave your child at home with a nanny, you gotta make sure they are safe as well as how they behave when you are not around. For that situation, you really can not leave a huge camera in your living room since it would already disclose what you're up to. Use your pen spy camera as best you could by placing it at any place where you're sure your child would spend the most time.

If you fall into a row

Many times when we go to the mall or a parking plaza, a restaurant's drive-through; we notice some people being mean and misbehaving for nothing- and of course they aren't technically doing anything wrong so you're just left with utter disgrace. For moments like that, you have your spy pen. Whenever you feel a person is just over the board abusive and going too far in it, make sure you record the situation just in case you guys end up in a row which inevitably calls the cops.


If you're a teacher and currently have exams at your school, we already know how much hustle it is. Meanwhile, you have to be invigilating a class alone and the huge number of pupils is making you nervous about your performance, you can make sure with a spy pen camera to alert your kids that you'd have footage and any kind of cheating would be caught red-handed. While it makes the job a little easier for you, your kids won't think about budging either! *winks*

There would be a dozen more very useful tips to make the best out of a spy pen camera. Even if you have a pet and you're busy and you think you'd forget to keep an eye; just use the pen camera. It would get the job done for you and you could be a lot less anxious about your chores. Just make sure to charge the pen spy camera on time since it does have a limited battery life!