Being able to hack and modify tech gadgets is an essential skill. When installing a hidden camera, sometimes, certain circumstances may require you to solve problems using only the materials you have at hand. There are a few tricks and tips you can pull during the process of your camera set up. Thus, in relation to these, let’s experiment on some few DIY hacks you can implement in while trying to spy on someone or secure your property.

How To Convert Spy Glasses To A Button Camera

Using some simple steps, you can convert the pinhole camera usually seen in Spy glasses into a button camera by simply disguising the tiny camera into a shirt button. The only thing you’ll have to modify throughout the entire process is the use of extension wire connected to the microphone.

Start by disassembling the glasses, and then you will find the circuit board, a battery, and a pinhole camera. Detach the pinhole camera and then remount the parts in any way that is convenient for a button camera. In this case, it is easier to put the circuit board back into the piece of glasses, you may also cut off the earpiece to save space, attach the battery to the side of its housing with double-stick tape and then hold down the loose wires with another piece of tape.

Pick out a shirt of yours that has a button big enough to conceal the camera, and then cut one of the extra buttons of the shirt, cut a hole into the center of the button, you may use a file to widen the hole so that it's big enough to fit around the camera. The next thing to do is to slide the camera through one of the buttonholes on the shirt, then glue on the button cover. Secure everything else to the inside of the shirt with tape. There you are; you now have your button body-worn camera for your espionage journey.

Turn Your Computer into Motion – Activated Spy Surveillance

To apply this DIY method, you’ll need to make use of an app. The app you need to download is called; ‘eye center', and so if you have a camera or webcam connected to your computer, you’ll see yourself immediately you finished installing the app on your PC. What this app does is that; when you have a laptop or desktop computer in sleep mode, it will start to run on the background, so that whenever it detects motion, it will start recording on its own. To get the most out of these discrete recordings, you can go to the app's settings and make it play an alarm sound on motion detection should in case you want to scare away any intruder. This can be a kind of cool way of surveillance to guard your room.

Turn Your Jewelry into A Spy Camera

This is a tricky technique especially if you want to know who using your jewelry when you’re far from home or when you want to simply capture discrete scenes when disguised as a normal necklace with the use of its pendant as its concealer. For securing your expensive jewelry, simply disguise its pendant with a pinhole spy camera and place it inbox, and the facial image of any intruder will be captured if you place the jewelry in the box properly. For capturing discrete scenes, look for an inexpensive necklace with a dark or silver-colored pendant so that you don’t draw much attention and hence blow your cover. Now you have to make sure the pendant is big enough and dismountable.  After concealing the tiny pinhole camera in the pendant put on your necklace and begin spying on anyone.

Use Your Old Shopping Bag As A Spy Camera

Pick out one of your old shopping bag that is textured in black or brown design, cut a small hole beside the bag, and then place the lens facing out of the hole. Look for a glue to hold the hidden camera tight in place, and make sure the glue does not affect the lens so that it only glues the outer rim that glues to the surface of the bag inside. To power the camera, you can simply connect the camera to a power bank placed inside the bag if you decide to use it for long hours.

How To Convert A Pinhole Camera To A Doorknob Camera

All you need to do here is apply some little craftmanship skill. Buy a dismantled doorknob for your main entrance door. Let the disguised doorknob faces outside your home, then place the pinhole camera inside the knob, and then pass any wires through the interior of the door handle. You can dismantle the interior doorknob to have clear opening to pass any wires to a remote systemto view from the internet, but make sure your door is locked from the outside.