Places You Should Not Install a Hidden Camera

We are all aware of the fact that hidden cameras are very awesome surveillance tools. However, just as it is with a lot of other surveillance tools, the level of effectiveness that you get from hidden cams will also depend largely on the location that they are installed.

While there are various optimum locations for the installation of a hidden cam, there are certain places where installing them might not necessarily be much of a good idea:

In the open:

Well, the name of the gadget is hidden cam, which means that above all things, it should be hidden.

The entire purpose of making use of a hidden cam is to be able to watch proper and quality video surveillance of a place while nobody knows the camera is there. This means that when people know about the presence of a hidden cam, they will modify their behavior and the entire purpose of the device will be defeated.

This is especially true if you will like for the hidden cam to watch videos of crimes. Make sure that when you are installing a hidden camera, you put it in a discreet place where it won’t be easily spotted by everyone who comes in there.

Outside the house:

This rule is actually pretty subjective. If you are looking to catch video surveillance inside a place, then there is no doubt to the fact that you will need your hidden cam to be right in there. However, there are also some hidden cams that can be put outside in the open. These ones have been rigged to ensure that the various effects of the weather (such as excessive wind, massive heat, heavy rainfall, falling snow etc.) will still not be able to affect them. In order to prolong the life of a hidden cam, it is essential that you ensure if it is able to last while installing outside.

Near a source of the noise:

In order to get the very best in sound, it is also recommended that you never install a hidden camera near a source of a noise. Things like television sets, speakers, sound systems, etc. are massive emanators of noise when they are on, and the sound that they produce will definitely get in the way of the ability of the hidden cam to pick up the sound.