10 Issues That You Can Encounter When using Wi-Fi nanny cam

Wi-Fi nanny cam is a wonderful piece of technology. However, just like every other gadget, there is also a set of issues that you should be on the lookout for if you are ever to get the best out of your spy camera. Below are a few of these issues:

Abrupt pauses and transmission breaks:

These issues can be as a result of the camera developing some sort of mechanical and operational fault. The best solution is to get a spy camera with a warranty. This can protect you in times like this.

Battery power:

Battery issues are one of the most annoying issues you will ever encounter when making use of spy cameras. Make sure to look out for one with a strong battery power, or you can also get one that has to be connected to a wire socket. The only issue with the second solution s that such a socket has to be close to the camera and the wires should be incognito as well.

Poor vision:

You should never get a spy camera with poor video quality. Otherwise, what’s the point of it all? Save your time and energy. Even if you have to send more, video quality is something you can’t compromise.

Sound quality:

Placing your spy camera near a loudspeaker or anywhere that will overshadow its sound will also be problematic when you have to analyze your visual evidence.

Maintenance issues:

You have to make sure to take care of your spy camera. If you don’t, then it will most probably develop maintenance-related issues… and sooner, rather than later.

Network connection:

Most spy cameras have to be connected to a network in order to function effectively. To wit, make sure that your camera has a strong connection before purchasing it.

Incomplete parts:

This is more of a manufacturer’s error. When you see product descriptions of spy cameras, you get to see all it packs, however, it is also possible that you don’t get all the complete parts when you look inside the bx. The best solution for such as issue is simple; when you purchase the spy camera, make sure to check t for completeness. If you notice that something is missing, lode a complaint immediately.

Low memory capacity:

When a spy camera is at its full memory capacity it no longer records and can’t function effectively until some memory is freed. To avoid this very serious issue, make sure to review footage from your spy camera regularly so you can take note of important recordings and get rid of the excess footage.  

Bad network coverage:

For computers that transmit over a Wi-Fi network, it becomes a big issue when the network connection is poor. Make sure to check the network regularly and rectify any issues you encounter.

Sound Emission:

There are certain beeps that some spy cameras emit when they are functioning. These beeps can draw the attention of your target, and the purpose of the camera will be defeated.