Never let your privacy be compromised with these hidden cameras, infrared (IR), GPS tracker & bug detectors.

Maintaining a secure & private environment is important in the digital age. These days, it is easier than ever for you and your family’s movements to be tracked, monitored & studied. Hidden cameras can be placed inside your home as well as the perimeter. Your workplace can be monitored as well with bugs and surveillance cameras.

Plus, anyone can purchase a GPS tracker, and place it on your car, bike, baby buggy or person without you knowing.

Identifying hidden surveillance electronics used to be extremely difficult, time-consuming & expensive. Not any more.

Thanks to the Zetronix range of state of the art counter surveillance products, you can be confident in the knowledge that your family, home, vehicles & workplace are safe from watching eyes.

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 How counter surveillance products work

How do counter surveillance products work?

Counter-surveillance equipment work by scanning for the curvature of hidden camera lenses. This means that hidden surveillance cameras do not even need to be powered on for you to be able to detect them.

When using a hidden camera detector, any hidden surveillance camera lenses will appear as bright flickering lights. These detectors do not transmit a frequency to detect a hidden camera, but rather they detect the curvature of the lens in the hidden camera itself.

Our range of hidden camera detectors, infrared (IR) detectors, GPS Tracker detectors & bug detectors are compact, portable & very easy to use. You do not need any prior counter surveillance experience in order to use them.

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Is counter-surveillance equipment hard to use?

Many people think that counter-surveillance is complicated & difficult. It indeed used to be, but not anymore. Gone are the days of bulky encounter surveillance equipment, each device requiring its own package & power source.

Scanning for hidden cameras used to require a team of 3, and it took hours, if not days, to perform the work of scanning for hidden surveillance cameras. Now your counter-surveillance equipment is carried in your pocket & it takes mere minutes to ensure your privacy & safety.

Some of our counter surveillance detectors come with pinhole dummy lenses included for you to practice detection.

counter surveillance equipment is not hard to use

Do I need to buy separate detectors for hidden cameras, bugs, IR & GPS trackers?

We have a range of counter surveillance products that perform more than one function. (Like scanning for hidden surveillance cameras, Infrared signals, GPS trackers and the like, all with one device). So you can carry an entire suite of counter-surveillance equipment in your pocket.

The short answer is no. You do not need separate counter-surveillance devices for every task - our comprehensive range includes counter surveillance equipment that performs more than one task.

Your privacy and safety are important

Your privacy & your safety are paramount.

Securing your surroundings & sweeping for hidden cameras, IR, bugs & GPS trackers should become part of your home & personal security regime.

With this range of counter surveillance products, you can be secure in the knowledge that you are in control of your privacy & safety.

Ensure that you are safe with these counter surveillance products.